Vrbnik should be experienced. Hardly any representation can evoke the architecture of the narrow and windy streets of this well sung place.

Vrbnik inhabitants settled on the 48 metre high cliff, fitting every passage, staircase or house through the centuries into the harmonious whole of today's Vrbnik. The imaginativeness of architectural solutions and the peace that reigns here, make this place ideal for all canvas and brush enthusiasts who can here find inspiration without any problems. Within the more important data connected to Vrbnik, is the Vitezić family library located on the Placa Vrbničkog statuta 4. The library was left to the town by Ivan Vitezić, Krk’s bishop (1806-1887) and his brother Dr. Dinko Vitezić (1822-1877), the people's representative. The library contains more than 10,000 titles, among which the most valuable is one of just two remaining copies of Johann David Kochler's World Atlas (the second is kept in Cambridge, England), printed in Nuremberg in 1718. We should also mention the Baćin dvor, which, according to narrative, was the home of the Frankopan noble family.

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