Omišalj is located on an 85 metre high cliff that gives it a special charm. Along with the Town of Krk, it is the oldest inhabited settlement on the island.

Passing through the narrow alleys, you will discover the place where the inhabitants of the Illyrian tribe, protected by their fortress, already lived a thousand years before Christ. With the arrival of the Romans to this area, the centre of life moved from Omišalj to the newly built, modern square, and the old castle shut down for a while. However, following the fall of the Empire a few hundred years later, the relative peace and prosperity were replaced by a number of conflicts so that the residents of the area resettled the town on a cliff that was strategically suitable for defence. With the arrival of the Croats in the 7th century, it became among the first inhabited areas, and in the 12th century, Omišalj is referred to as "Castrum (ad) musculum" (Latin ad musculi - mussels) and later became one of the four Frankopan castles and an important centre of literacy and the Glagolitic alphabet. As an interesting feature of Omišalj's written treasure, it is worth mentioning the brewery on the parchment by Vid from Omišalj written over 468 pages, which was begun in March 1393, and today is kept in Vienna’s Royal Library. The castle of Krk’s Frankopan noble family, built in 1420, was located at the entrance to the square, although it was demolished in the 20th century.

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