The town of Krk

The town of Krk

This town’s history begins in pre-Ancient times.

Urbanisation of the existing pre-Roman settlement initiated the development of the town of Krk. This is seen in the inscription "Splendidissima civitas Curictarum" - the splendid town of Krk people, where the remains of a thermae can also be found (on the site of today's cathedral), together with a Roman mosaic with the image of Triton, the remains of the Temple of Venus and the city walls. Liburnians, Romans, Slavs, Franks, Venetians, various religious brotherhoods all lived in and ruled over the town ... And each of these inhabitants wrote their own page in history and left their mark on the architecture and culture of the town.

The medieval period was characterised by Venetian dominance. At that time, the Frankopan princes had been ruling over Krk for a number of centuries, and their Frankopan castle remains preserved to this day. Close to the castle, we can find Kamplin Square, where a number of concerts, events and theatrical performances take place during the summer months.

If you stray from one of Krk’s cobbled streets, you will always easily return to the Vela placa, the main square of the town, whose beauty is complemented by a renaissance well.

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