Museums on the islet of Košljun

Museums on the islet of Košljun

Visitors to Košljun, a small island with very rich and varied vegetation, can see four very interesting museums and collections.

The Archaeological Museum exhibits objects originating exclusively from the island of Krk. These items, which were mostly collected by donations from locals, date back to antiquity, and some even from prehistoric times. Among them some early antique tombstones found on Košljun and in the town of Krk are of particular importance.

 The Sacral Museum is located inside the church of St. Bernardino of Siena. It exhibits various liturgical pieces, works of art and copies of missals from the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods. Among the exhibits, the triptych, attributed by art historians to the workshop of Bartolomeo Vivarini and the miraculous Košljun crucifix from the Chapel of St. Jerusalem are of special note.

 The Ethnographic Museum contains a collection of objects and folk costumes of the island, as well as a numismatic collection and other interesting exhibits.

The natural history collection presents the island of Košljun’s flora, birds, fish and a number of interesting natural phenomena. A collection of minerals, corals, sponges and fossils is also on display.

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